Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Years 2007

We have been pretty busy recently so posts have been few and far between. Hopefully, in 2007, we will be adding lots of new content to our Between The Frames blog and or The Craft of Making Cartoons blog as well as our How to… section on the TGRS website. If you haven’t seen our 2006 Seasons Greeting cartoon it is posted here and it includes a Behind the Scenes tutorial article for Toon Boom Studio users. We don’t endorse or recommend any particular 2D animation software, because we strongly feel that all the major products are equally appropriate depending on personal preferences. But, we use Flash and Toon Boom Studio so whenever possible we try to provide assistance to other users of those products as a community service.

Marty and I believe strongly in helping others and we are particularly proud of our association with Will Reinhardt, the creator of the Calico Monkey cartoons. If you haven’t visited his web site, please do, as his sense of humor is very refreshing.

Well, I suppose that life in Tuberville Georgia is a bit slower than most places. We are just a small country town, very rural and not in much of a hurry to go anywhere. But it is a great place to live and work for a cartoonist. There are plenty of colorful and interesting people to observe here. Well, I guess I'll take a walk down Main Street and get some coffee and donuts before returning to the studio, so Happy New Years to all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you, too.

I noticed that your email is no longer listed in your profile. Have you been flooded with requests for help and/or advice, or have the spammers finally gotten to you, too?

If you're still taking unsolicited email, I'd like to maybe bug you, if I could. I've kinda found myself at a crossroads...

My email is listed on my profile, if you've got the time. If not, thanks for the blog. I look forward to every new post.

6:43 PM  
Blogger JK said...

We always welcome e-mails with questions, comments or just friendly greetings. We just recently upgrade to the latest version of Blogger and for some reason the e-mail address has stopped showing on our profile. Thanks for noticing. I also see that Marty is not showing up either. Oh the pains of transition. -LOL-

7:14 PM  

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