Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer and Other Random Thoughts

It’s pretty much a typical lazy summer day here in Tuberville Georgia. The kind of day where we just sort of naturally don’t want to do much more than sit out on the front porch under a slow moving ceiling fan and just contemplate world events.

Now as things go around here, world events mostly center on conversations about where you can find the biggest roaches and such. I personally vote for Houston Texas. They grow some serious sized critters down there. It isn’t unusual to see a roach what’s bigger than your whole hand. And those big roaches have wings and can fly. You have to be mighty careful when being dive bombed by a Texas roach.

For some strange reason the roaches sure loved to take up residence in the ash dump of our brick barbeque pit out in the backyard. Then in the springtime when we would make the first good cooking fire of the year in that barbeque pit, you could just sit back in a lawn chair and watch those prehistoric sized bugs scramble for their lives. There is nothing more entertaining than watching toasted glowing reddish orange cockroaches flying into the night sky. It is just natural fireworks.

It seems like there is humor all around us. You just have to learn to be open to experiencing it. Take my poor old dog for example. He recently had a minor surgery on his hind leg and had to wear a cone shaped collar to prevent him from biting at his stitches. It is hard to imagine what a dog thinks about a thing like that. He must wonder "what terrible thing must he have done?" to receive such treatment as to be made to resemble a dish antenna. He just keeps looking up pitifully from his position lying down there on the floor and hoping that no one will crank on his tail trying to adjust the TV reception.

I suppose that observing critters has been a source of many a cartoon idea. There sure are a lot of cartoon characters based on cats and dogs and mice. I can understand the cats and dogs, but who wants to have a pet mouse? I mean we sometimes have an unwanted house guest, but they’re not pets exactly. They do provide some exercise and entertainment for the cat, but I don’t think that classifies them as pets themselves.

Yes, there sure have been a lot of cartoon characters based on critters. Perhaps it's because they are just naturally funny, but more likely it has to do with the fact that you don't have to worry about being harrassed about your characters looking to ethnic or insulting some special interest group.

Yes, it sure is a lazy summer day, which is why I'm just sitting here thinking about some cockaroach lawyer showing up at the studio claiming that we have cast terrible dispersions on the good name of his bug client.


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