Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spring Cleaning in the Summertime

Well it’s that time of year here in Tuberville Georgia. It’s time to sit around by the pond, drinking coffee in the early morning, and hoping to catch big old “hogshead” the catfish for supper.

These summer days sure do make a critter want to spend the day in bed, seems like there just isn’t enough java beans in the world to wake me up some mornings.

All of which means that it must be time for our annual spring cleaning that we procrastinated until summer to start. We had a big meeting here at Tall Grass Radio. And everyone decided, while I was taking my usual "important meeting nap", that it was my turn to do the clean up.

So I got out my best broom and my flowered spring cleaning dress and rolled up my stockings and got to work.

Exactly who is making these drawings anyway, I don’t wear a dress to do spring cleaning!

You see that’s the kind of visual abuse I take around this place. I slave over a warm keyboard writing these articles and Marty makes fun of my hairy legs and makes me out to be a total buffoon.

So this week in revenge for all that abuse I’m going to post a few of his own self portraits so that you can see that he is really a handsome devil.

He is totally useless at helping clean up around the studio, using the lame excuse that because he lives a 1000 miles away from Tuberville that he can only lend moral support to the effort.

He did hold a sympathy yard sale just to demonstrate his solidarity with my plight.

But mostly he just spends his summer days getting down at the local shopping mall or Fuddruckers working as a protestor against the spread of IPODs as an alternative to Giant Ghetto Blasters.

Right now he is probably reading this blog post and thinking "gosh those are sure funny drawings."

Well I have to get back to cleaning up the studio, after all, it is "too hot" to sit out by the pond trying to catch old “hogshead” the catfish any way.


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