Monday, August 07, 2006

In Search of Crocs and Gaters

Being a cartoonist, you learn how to be observant. Recently I got in my old Chevy pickup and drove up the highway to the big city. Like I said previously we occasionally have to leave the quiet comforts of Tuberville and venture out in the world to buy art supplies and to get a fancy coffee at Starbucks.

So, as I wandered around the streets of Atlanta, my naturally curious and observant cartoonist mind began to ponder a strange phenomenon. All those city folks were wearing these funny looking brightly colored plastic shoes. It looked like a Dutch invasion, except they weren’t wooden shoes from Holland, but rather they were shaped like them, but made of plastic full of holes and in a rainbow assortment of colors.

Now it wasn’t just little kids wearing them but whole families of people and each person had on a different color. I finally had the nerve to ask as to the origin of these strange shoes and the reply was .“They are Crocs”. Now even us folks who live in small Georgia towns know about Crocs. Why those are like Gators and we have them in the bayous and in the swamps. So I knew they were pulling my leg, because Crocs don’t come in those bright colors and they don’t have plastic skin.

But sure enough these strange shoes that everyone is wearing are called Crocs. It seems that people have just gone completely nuts about wearing these shoes and they just can’t help themselves from buying several pairs in assorted colors.

So upon telling Marty this tale of rampant consumerism, he promptly shot back his take on the social ramifications of this new trend.

"I wan dose Crocs....gotta hab dose Crocs now!"

"Son, the only way to enjoy a Croc is Bar-be-qued"

One of the joys of being a cartoonist is you never run out of funny subject matter to use as inspiration. Of course we would never be caught dead walking around Tuberville in those sissy shoes. We just wear them around inside the studio, after all, they are really comfortable.

I can't wait til Al Gore finds out that Crocs are made of "Plastic" and are a primary cause for Global Warming. Speaking of a cartoonist's treasure chest of funny material, I just love Al Gore.


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