Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chronological Index of Articles

This is a chronological index of all our Between The Frames articles.

Blog Article Title

Furry Weekend Atlanta Observations

Animated Commercials

Tribute to Dave Stevens

Reconnecting With A Childhood Hero

New Look

Lewis and Cluck Comic Strip Blog

Tuberville 4th of July

More Thoughts On Creativity

Thoughts On Creativity

Happy Valentines Day 2007

Happy New Years 2007

Getting Inside A Character

Tuberville's County Fair: A Lesson in Competition

Drawing From Life

Thumbs, Gestures, and Other Tips

In Search of Crocs and Gators

Drawing on Local Inspirations

Focusing Your Creative Energy

To Old To Cut The Mustard

Lazy Days of Summer and Other Random Thoughts

Spring Cleaning in the Summertime

Two Crocs and an Ex-wife

First There is Life Then Comes the Energy

An Animated Future

Perspective Is More Than An Optical Illusion

Frantically Going From Here to There Slowly

More Donut Crumbs

Donut Crumbs and Other Small Things

Your Dog Is Way To Friendly with My Leg!!!

Cat Skeletons in the Tree Tops

The Inner Game or Zen Toon Making

Forums and Tigers and Blogs, Oh My!!

My Animation Software Isn't Making It

Cartoons and Music Make Sweet Harmony

Because a Cartoon Moves Doesn't Mean It Connects

Cartoon Production Deductions

We Don't Need No Stink'n Storyboards !

These "Suits" Are Diving Me Nuts

Origins and Such Things

Overcoming Barriers to Creative Collaboration

Mark Simon Part 1: Producing Animated Shorts

Hurricane Katrina

Nothing To Post - On Vacation

The Future of 2D Hand-Drawn Animation

2D-3D The Extra "D" Changes More Than Just The Depth

This Stuff Is So Old That It Is New!

Animated Commercials an Often Overlooked Creative Treasure Chest

Animated Cartoons Or Not ?

Getting Back To Cartoony Cartoons Part 3

Stretching Macromedia Flash By Adding Extensions

Getting Back To Cartoony Cartoons Part 2

Getting Back To Cartoony Cartoons Part 1

The Less Limited Expressive Possibilities of Limited Animation - Part 2

The Less Limited Expressive Possibilities of Limited Animation – Part 1

That Poor Misunderstood Sack of Flour

Living in Hollywood's Cartoon Golden Age

Standing In The Tall Grass

Back Stage - Behind The Scenes

This page is under construction but eventually will be the jumping off point to many interesting articles and inside looks at our work and production processes.

Interesting Links To Visit

These are some interesting links you might enjoy visiting.

Entertaining Sites

Arj and Poopy Bernard Derriman's very funny web series.

Calico Monkey Will Reinhardt's entertaining and very clever cartoons.

Cold Hard Flash The best "what's up with" Flash site on the net.

Mr Man's Vacation One of my favorite web cartoons that you should watch.

Toonon Toonin Toonout This is the home of the Lewis and Cluck comic strip.

Useful Products

Blambot Comic Fonts

Swift 3D (Erain)

Toon Boom Animation


Profile of the Author

I certainly hope that you are enjoying the articles that I'm writing here for
Between The Frames. I have been a cartoonist and animator since my early teens in the 1960's. I started write articles for this
Between The Frames blog as a way to share my own thoughts and experiences and to provide a behind the scenes glimpse into the working of TallGrassRadio Studios (TGRS).

Caricature courtesy of Zeb at ZEBtoonz

In 2002 my company, Connected Concepts LLC., added on
a new area to our management consulting business, Connected Concepts Media Productions, and formed the TallGrassRadio Studios (TGRS) to provide the additional services of producing graphical and animated content for our corporate clients to assist them in their confidential inter-organizational communications of concepts and ideas.

Animated cartoons are far more than Saturday morning entertainment. TGRS combines humor and visualization to enhance our client's business operations during times of change and during the implementation of new operational and organizational paradigms. It is much easier and less threatening to embrace change when the concepts are presented in a less formal and more familiar way, like an animated cartoon. Historically this idea of using animation for information and education has its roots in the work done by most of Hollywood's legendary film makers during World War II. For years I observed how difficult
paradigm change management was for most organizations and I decided to turn my love of cartoon making into a useful as well as entertaining tool.

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