Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Profile of the Author

I certainly hope that you are enjoying the articles that I'm writing here for
Between The Frames. I have been a cartoonist and animator since my early teens in the 1960's. I started write articles for this
Between The Frames blog as a way to share my own thoughts and experiences and to provide a behind the scenes glimpse into the working of TallGrassRadio Studios (TGRS).

Caricature courtesy of Zeb at ZEBtoonz

In 2002 my company, Connected Concepts LLC., added on
a new area to our management consulting business, Connected Concepts Media Productions, and formed the TallGrassRadio Studios (TGRS) to provide the additional services of producing graphical and animated content for our corporate clients to assist them in their confidential inter-organizational communications of concepts and ideas.

Animated cartoons are far more than Saturday morning entertainment. TGRS combines humor and visualization to enhance our client's business operations during times of change and during the implementation of new operational and organizational paradigms. It is much easier and less threatening to embrace change when the concepts are presented in a less formal and more familiar way, like an animated cartoon. Historically this idea of using animation for information and education has its roots in the work done by most of Hollywood's legendary film makers during World War II. For years I observed how difficult
paradigm change management was for most organizations and I decided to turn my love of cartoon making into a useful as well as entertaining tool.

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