Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Origins and Such Things

It sure is hard to find time these days to post here at Between the Frames. I really shouldn’t complain, as being busy and productive are good things. We were somewhat kicking back last night during one of our usual nightly story sessions and during the conversation the topic wandered into some historical territory.

We were discussing a new character named Vidalia. Needless to say Vidalia is a very attractive female in the style of a Jessica Rabbit or a Lola Bunny sort of way. The name was well accepted but the curious question arose "what was its origin?"
Vidalia is a town in South Georgia, USA. It is famous for the sweetest, best tasting onions and a great place to visit or live. So what better name for a cartoon heart throb?

Everyone loved the story of where we got that name, and so the next question was from "where did our studio’s name, TallGrassRadio, arise?" It’s a long story, but the short version goes back to a 1980's comic strip which we created called Greenbrier. It followed the adventures of a group of precocious house plants. Now when we were creating that comic strip, we were trying to brainstorm "how would house plants in a human world be independent and able to make a living?" And the answer was, they worked in talk radio. No one really knows the people behind radio voices, so they could easily be a bunch of talented house plants. Of course we needed a fictitious radio station and we invented KDRT (K – DIRT). As things evolved, the station evolved and went beyond talk shows to performing Radio Theater and it started being known as the TallGrassRadio Theater. We don’t do much with the original strip anymore, but we always liked the name, so our cartoon studio became TallGrassRadio Studios. We still find a lot of our best material crawling around in those weeds in the garden.


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